Dar Baghdad


Dar Baghdad Medicines Store

The license of DAR Baghdad Wholesale Drug Store is Class “A” for the Health Ministry and only 7 drugs stores in Iraq have this license of the 250 drugs stores in Baghdad. We own storage area of more than 800 m2, located in the center of the city, in area where more than 75 drug stores and scientific centers are available with more 120 pharmacies in the same area.


The Store is selling medicines all over Iraq especially to southern governorates of Iraq since there are two main markets in Iraq, mainly in the center “capital “ and north part of Iraq “ Erbil.” We have more than 35 staff, including 25 salesmen, and 5 Medical Experts staff for promotion of activities, currently we are operating with huge media campaigns in whole Iraq with 106 medical representatives (mainly pharmacists) under the role of two main supervisors (one in North and one in Baghdad).
DAR Baghdad drugs Store is the main center for distributing group agencies in Baghdad and the rest governorates of Iraq except the north part.