HRB GROUP Best Iraqi Trading Company

HRB Started business from Baghdad Iraq in early 2002 by opening a small “CLASS A” drug store.
Initially all the imports of medicine were carried directly and indirectly from Turkey ,Syria and surrounding countries.

In 2005 HRB Group diverted their strategy by establishing new companies drug stores in Kurdistan Region to enhance the trade business in northern area of Iraq and some other parts of Iraq in coordination with many International European Agencies specially Germany.

To extend the trade in 2007 HRB Group established two new drug stores in Dohuk and Mosul respectively and a company in Erbil Governorate with a scientific bureau in Baghdad.

By now HRB Group has been transformed into one of the biggest trading unit of Iraq and this success has been achieved by extreme struggle of Mr Rizgar T. Malaasim (CEO) and the hard working team