Rams Company


Rams Company for Drugs in Erbil & Dohuk

RAMS Company is located Erbil Governorate, the capital of Kurdistan Region which was opened on 2007 in Dohuk Governorate but the requirement made the Group to replace the company on 2009 to Erbil city the capital of Kurdistan region.
The company is specialized with whole sales operation in Erbil city, 3 specialized pharmacist, 6 sales staff, 12 admin staff, 80 medical representative for north to cover the sales promotion for covering sales and promotion of HRB agencies, having storage capacity of 600 SQM fully equipped storages with GMP standard.
RAMS is responsible for the registration of agencies in Kurdistan region health ministry.

RAMS medicines is located in the north part of Iraq, Dohuk Governorate, specialized with selling by wholesale and single sales to drugs stores and pharmacies in three governorates ( Dohuk, Erbil and Suliemaniyah).

RAMS have more than 6000 different pharmaceutical products from various companies international and national brands, There are 16 staff working in RAMS and 3 storage areas of 300 m2. RAMS is doing both single and whole sales in the province with more than 35 staff.

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