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Our Business Strategy

HRB Is attaining success by leaps and bounds in Iraq and as soon as we will get an agreement required target will be achieved.

Basic strategy of HRB Group starts with imports of products from foreign agencies .After import milestone actual trade get in to business.HRB handles registration of products,their marketing,generating leads,giving followup and also including import&trade.HRB deals with wholesales and single sales in almost all parts of Iraq.With the passage of time HRB is opening new companies new showrooms and switching to new technology.

HRB has strategies to conduct huge media campaigns in all media entities.HRB believes in fact that the good income is owned by sales and not by short terms sales benefits rather a business on a large scale with strategic management ensures the profit.

All the registration process for new manufacturing sites with items is carried by Health Ministry of Iraq and Kurdistan Region which ensures the sufficient supply of products to region.


HRB is implementing a competent system to meet international standard, to train medical representatives, and to manage all aspects of operation ,program cycles (distribution, follow-up, and evaluation) via professional manner.

HRB Distribution Centers

HRB has three main distribution centers which are responsible for distribution of products all over the Iraq.Distribution centers are;

·         RAMS Company for Medicines and Medical Equipment – Erbil located in north region of Iraq. This company is delivering medicines to five governorates (Erbil, Suliemaniyah, Dohuk,Mosul and Kerkuk) through its exclusive agents .

·         Distribution center in Baghdad has responsibility to supply medicines to center and south of Iraq directly from Baghdad Al-Markazi Scientific Bureau and DAR Baghdad Drug Store along with two distributors inside the city

·         Wholesale Drug Store of RAMS in Dohuk City

Supply to the remaining governorates is covered through contracted distributors.By following this strategy HRB is supplying medical products to all the provinces of Iraq through 186 medical representatives (pharmacists), 106 in Baghdad including south governorates and 80 representatives in north excluding 126 staff members(sales, admin, accountants, managers, storage, sellers)

Achievement of Sales and Operations Observations:

HRB has one of the best communication system integrated through SQL database implemented by experts which comprises sales, management of warehouses and every other part of operation.All companies and drugs stores including scientific bureau’s are connected to one system for efficient performance.This communication system ensures the reliability and flow control of the system.

IRAQ REPUBLIC Current Area of Implemented Activities:

·         ROKSAN Co. for General Trading and Construction (Group’s Company)

·         RAMS Company Erbil Governorate, Headquarter (Group’s Company)

·         Dohuk Governorate, RAMS Wholesale Drug Store (Group’s Drug store)

·         Erbil Governorate, RAMS PHARMA Drug Store. (Group’s Drug store)

·         Mosul Governorate, AL-Zuhor Drugs Store, (Group’s Drug store)

·         Suliemaniyah Governorate, Meer Company (Exclusive Agent for all products)

·         Kirkuk Governorate, Co-distributor agent

·         Salahaddin Governorate., Co-distributor

·         Diyala Governorate, Distributor

·         Baghdad, DAR Baghdad Wholesales Drugs Store (Group’s Drug store)

·         Baghdad, DAR Baghdad single sales Medicines Store (Group’s Drug store)

·         Baghdad, Baghdad Al-Markazi Scientific Bureau (Group’s Company)

·         Anbar Governorate, Co-distributor agent

·         Babel Governorate, Co-distributor agent

·         Wasit Governorate, Co-distributor agent

·         Najaf Governorate, Co-distributor agent

·         Karbala Governorate, Co-distributor agent

·         Muthana Governorate, Co-distributor agent

·         Mesan Governorate, Co-distributor agent

·         Thiqar Governorate, Co-distributor agent

·         Basrah Governorate, Co-drug store cooperation